A Mess Like Me Album Release

Troubador + Independent Artist Making Waves

Most people have probably never heard of Cliff Cody…so why is he charting #2 on iTunes Country, on the Apple Music Hit List and the Texas Country Hit-List as an independent singer/songwriter?  

Calling Cliff Cody an independent artist is an under statement. He is self funded, with a self-produced album,  recorded in a tiny studio in a small town in rural Ohio. His album cover is a selfie he took at an Air B&B in Nashville and created on his iPad. He has no outside management, no promoter other himself and his wife.  He has no booking agent, but has somehow managed to open for Randy Houser, Jamie Johnson, Ashley McBride, Dwight Yoakam, Chris Young, Travis Tritt, and Justin Moore to name a few.
What he does have is a loyal fan base he has built over 15 years of touring the country.  He is no overnight social media sensation.  Cliff Cody is a 45 year old, quintessential troubadour—playing over 200 dates a year from Key West to New Hampshire.

He built a real fan base from the ground up over decades while he honed his craft and learned to capture an audience with just his guitar, an infectious smile, and a soulful story-telling voice that is far too underrepresented in today’s country music.

When you see “that” smile, you would never think outlaw, but “ A Mess Like Me” is the album title and a line from the song that most defines Cliff Cody. His own personal story is weaved into track 5, “Guardian Angel”. Cliff jokes with his audience that he believes everyone has a guardian angel and his is exhausted.  These are real songs about real life. Songs about loss and heartache and redemption.  

He brings some integrity back to the genre and people swarm to it like a moth to a flame.  So, is he worried about offending the powers that be in Nashville?  That smile tells you that Cliff Cody isn’t worried about much of anything.  “The great thing about country music is that there is room for everyone in this tent,” said Cliff.  “I learned a long time ago with some great advice from a songwriter hero of mine to ‘stay true to who you are and keep doing what you are doing and then just wait for the world to notice.’”  Well, the world has noticed.  

He has played at the famous Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West one week every month for over a decade. His first cut off the album “On A Boat Somewhere” was a featured song on the ”Bar at the End of the World” series on Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio in August.  

Cliff’s tattoo on his left wrist are words inscribed at the Country Music Hall of Fame above the plaques of his heroes, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Meryl Haggard — “Honor Thy Music”.

This album has no click tracks, no synthesizers, and lots of steel guitar—and it is evident that with “A Mess Like Me”, he is Honoring Thy Music.  

He has created music that he wanted to make. It is music that moves people. Music that stops people in their tracks.  Music that tells a story. Don’t let that smile fool you, “A Mess Like Me” is the outlaw country album you have been waiting for.  

A Mess Like Me is available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music.

Contact: Amy Beck, Cliff Cody Management.  614.260.8292