Come to Legend Valley for this free show and see the amazing changes at Legend Valley.

New venues on the schedule: 

April 18.   Muddie Water Bar and Grill in Logan, Ohio from 10-1.

May 9.     Huntington Park, Columbus Clippers baseball pre-game from 5:30-7:00.

May 16-20  Smokin' Tuna in Key West

May 22.   Moonshine Festival in New Straitsville, Ohio

May 30 and 31.   Loggerheads Beach Grill in Folly Beach, South Carolina

June 12.  WCOL's Country Jam Kick-Off Concert

July 4.   W. Va. 4th of July Community Celebration.

July 5.  Somerset, Ohio Community Celebration. 

Aug. 6.  The Hartford Fair


Happy to help this amazing charity basketball game at New Lexington High School.  

The Shoe Burnin’ is a book of stories with a companion CD of songs about various aspects of Southern life — each contains a reference to shoes but is as different as the authors who wrote them. The Shoe Burnin’ includes 24 authors and singer-songwriters, 19 of whom will be on hand for a book signing at the festival.

“I’m not sure there has ever been a more unique combination of story and song,” said contributor Shari Smith. “This project brought together the best writers in the South with the best songwriters in Nashville. What came of that was a sort of direct line, a thread that tied every story and every writer together whether those stories were on the page or in notes.”  The Shoe Burnin’ show will feature Shari Smith, Chuck Cannon, Cliff Cody, Chris Clifton, Joe Formichella, Lari White, Michael Reno Harrell, Suzanne Hudson and Chuck Jones. The performance will include readings from the book and songs from the CD.

The Shoe Burnin' Book and CD to Premier at The 10th Annual Louisiana Book Festival

Although I am a Registered Nurse, I get to live out my dream by being a full-time musician. Who gets to do that?  Thank you all for allowing me to play your neighborhood bars, backyard BBQ's, graduations and anniversary celebrations. I have played at funerals, weddings and everything in between. Your support means that I get to open for national acts like Jamey Johnson, Gary Allan,Tracy Lawrence, Aaron Lewis, Phil Vasaar, Blackberry Smoke, David Allan Coe, Parmalee and Randy Houser.  Because you get babysitters and come out to see me, I get to sing almost every night.  Because you save your vacation time and travel to see me, I get to sing in places like Key West, the beaches of South Carolina, upstate New York and Wyoming. You invite my family to these events in your lives and for that I forever grateful. This life that I have means that I can live in a little log cabin, pay for my daughter's braces and share all of this my wife of 15 years. This...is the life.  

Cliff has a new Twitter account. @Cliff_Cody. 

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